Tuesday, 10.21 – 5 miles: I hurt my back!!!

I’m lying on the floor, flat on my back, with one pillow under my head to give me an angle so I can see to type. How did I end up here? Well, I always seem to injury my lower back at least once a month. Last month, I moved the lawn mower in an unusual way and it caused me to have a pain in my back or what I like to refer to as a “crick in my back”. The crick in my back has never been extreme and it has never kept me from work or doing my normal day to day routines. That is until now. Tuesday morning I decided to include a new routine to my workout. It’s called the Good Morning exercise and it strengthens the lower back. (See link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4H2EZC1UCY).

During my second rep I felt what can only be described as an explosion going off in my lower back. The pain spread to every point in my body. I was barely able to get the 60 lbs curl bar off my shoulder. I was completely helpless but I didn’t want to cause a scene. So I walked awkwardly out of the gym. Then, what usually takes me 20 minutes to shower, shave and dress, took me more than 45 minutes and I didn’t even shave. By the time I got to work, I could feel that I was getting really stiff and my upper legs started tingling. Since I was able to set up an appointment with our PCP at 4:00pm, it was decided that it would be best for me to go home. Once I got home, the only thing I could do was lay flat on the floor (where I’m at now) and wait for Laura to get home.

Once I arrived at the doctor’s office, I took several painful x-rays and then our doctor saw me. He is a DO and not a MD, and is pretty amazing – especially when it comes to back injuries. He told me that I dislocated my sacroiliac which is where the tailbone meets the hip. He was able to pop it back in place by doing this leg maneuver. The popping noise was loud enough that our nurse heard it outside our room with the door shut. It gave some immediate relief but now I’m on codeine and muscle relaxers for at least another day – sorry if this blog doesn’t make any sense. I asked the doctor if I would be able to run and his simple reply was, “if it hurts, don’t do it.”

Tuesday’s run for Laura was great! Laura is really amazing when it comes to taking care of me. She took me to the doctor, got my prescription filled, ran five miles, cooked dinner and took two quizzes for her class. I’m so impressed with her! Plus, I got to return the favor and follow her in our car.


Vanessa Rogers said...

goodness gracious, great balls of fire, you two need to stop hurting yourselves! Can't wait to see you friday! And it is agreed, Laura is amazing!

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