Tuesday, 10.28 - 5 miles: Count down

Nice evening run. Cooler weather has brought a much needed break in the relentless heat. Laura is studying hard and is very committed to her goal. She had one test on Monday and another tomorrow so a break in her study to go running was exactly what she needed. We took off in our neighborhood and ran at a much more comfortable pace. We both were feeling pretty sore from Sunday’s run on Monday but we felt 100% today. Except that I have a runny nose and Laura is nervous about her test. Anyways, we ran leisurely and enjoyed a good chit chat.

No more long distance runs on Sundays and no more stationing water bottles along our routes. Now we cut down the miles during the week and count down the days until the race. SimplY, we want to concentrate on keeping a pretty consistent diet and mostly avoid INJURIES. We both think we are physically and mentally prepared for the race but there is a sense of uncertainty as far as what to expect. Just getting to the race is going to be a challenge. There are 30,000 people registered for the race. It’s definitely bigger than the Tour de Cure, Mas o Menos or Miles of DisComfort – combined and some. As far as we know, it's going to be a big crowd with overly focused runners wearing short shorts and those fuel belts. (Pic: Enjoying some smores, as you can see by my face, at the bonfire after the Mas o Menos 100-k mountain bike race in Terlingua.)


Vanessa Rogers said...

I love smores! When we were in Chile we introduced smores to our host family and they loved it!

The Millers said...

Hi Aaron & Laura! We miss yall and when you get a chance to come see us, we will be so excited! It looks like yall can just run on up here to Lubbock! Look at yall...Way to go and Congratulations on your hard work and training.