7:17pm, Friday, 09.26 - 4 miles: Missing La

Tonight’s run was smooth. I mixed in GU Energy Gel for a fuel fix. The strawberry-banana flavor is non-caffeine. I took a 1/3 15-minutes before the run and another 1/3 after three miles. I’ve tried honey, jelly-beans and Mike and Ike’s but none of these seems to fuel me up for 12 plus miles. Everyone swears by GU so I’m going to give it a try. Obviously, getting enough carbs the nights before a marathon is crucial, but equally important is getting carbs during the marathon.

Laura is resting up and is anxious to get back in it. I hate running without her. I miss nodding while she’s talking and other details like hearing her feet hit the road. Typically, I enjoy pursuing endurance activities on my own. But running is something Laura and I will always share together. -A

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