Thursday, 09.25 - 8 miles: To Pearson

Eight miles got split up in two portions. First portion was ran at 7:18am for three miles. School traffic was pretty bad but I caught a stunning sunrise. I ran an additional five miles from our house to my company, Pearson, to pick up our Jeep at around 6:00pm. While on the run, I ran into an elderly man who had his road bike upside down. His chain got caught in-between his crankset and bottom bracket. I'm always happy to see cyclist and other runners out there but especially when I see our seniors plucking away! After ensuring he didn't need to use my cell -- he had already called his wife -- he told me he was running in the marathon as well and was doing 18 miles this Saturday. I don't want to guess how old he was but he was one of those guys you see at church handing out the offering plate.

We are waiting for Laura's MRI results. Best case scenario, she takes a week off and is back in the game. We are pretty confident this will be the case. However, the doc wasn't too convincing. But what does he know. Laura is pretty driven. She'll give an update once we know more.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

Oh, I hope she is ok! I was running in the gym today, about 6 miles, and the guy on the treadmill behind me asked what I was training for. I told him "nothing" and he was like, well you should be training for something running like that. He then preceded to tell me about all the good training places here. It got me thinking, but I am going to wait till we are settled somewhere. Way to be inspiring guys!