Yesterdays's Run

Well, I have not been on a run since last Sunday...a week and one day ago. I guess to say that I have not been 'on a run' in that amount of time isn't totally accurate. I actually went 'on a run' yesterday evening...but I did not 'GO Running.' The truth is, Aaron went on a long 16 m run last night. We normally do our long runs downtown on Sunday mornings. However, we went to a neighbors wedding Saturday night, and it kept us up later than we had planned. With several important things to accomplish on our Sunday afternoon (i.e. our traditional Sunday nap while subconsciously watching football,) Aaron was not able to run until Sunday evening. He had a long way to run and no running buddy. He set off on a 4 mi loop around the neighborhood that he would complete 4 x's, and I headed off to HEB to grab 4 vital items we needed for the week. On my way home, I backtracked through the neighborhood until I found my best friend. When I pulled onto the same street as Aaron, I could see him trudging along, solo, in the distance. A mix of emotions hit me, but the strongest feeling was one of joy! Aaron was working so hard to continue to achieve our goal! I was so incredibly proud of him! I pulled up next to him, and kept him company for the rest of his first loop. Several times during his run, I took Jewels (our Jeep) out looking for Aaron. I provided him with a running soundtrack, water bottles, Cytomax sports drink, conversation, and even took pictures and a video of him running. I decided to drive with him the last 4 mi of his run. I pulled Jewels out of the driveway, put her flashers on, and turned up the tunes. I really admire Aaron for running the entire 16 mi in our neighborhood, that he is convinced has more hills. It would have been hard for me to pass the house 4 x's without stopping/quitting! He ran so smooth and controlled on his Sunday run. He has really turned into a great runner and will do well in the marathon and any other event he desires to strive for, in the future. As Aaron crossed the 16 m finish line, he reached in the car window and held my hand. Then we gave each other a HUGE high-five (circa 1980's)!!! :) It was such a great run for the both of us. While I can't 'Go running' for several more days, I will go for a run with Aaron ANY day! -L

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