Tuesday’s five mile run was done in some pretty hot weather. I took off from our house at a quarter after five and left our common neighborhood paths and ran an old familiar route. It’s not one of our favorites because of the back-to-back hills and the lack of shade. Plus, there’s heavy traffic which means for some sections we are forced to run on the hard sidewalk. However, it’s one of my favorites because it’s a simple four mile loop with no backtracking; except for the added out-and-back mile to get my total five miles. Not a very interesting run, especially since Laura is still absent, but there is something worth noting that did happen. Harassers – the one thing all runners and cyclist must deal with.

This time it was just some annoying teenagers screaming out of their Kia Rio. In the past, I’ve had a can thrown at me and several who swerved close into me or drove dangerously close by me. Typically though, it’s some punk high school kid screaming out their window. This stuff is expected to happen so I’m not going to waste anymore space than I’ve already done by giving examples and expressing how I feel. However, when I step over to the other side, I’ll bring havoc on those who choose to harass runners and cyclist. -A

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