Sunday, 10.12 - 17 miles: Chalk it Up

Laura and I volunteered for 10 hours yesterday at Artpace’s Chalk It Up festival. Nearly 12,000 people showed up to view chalk drawing and creations along historic Houston Street. Laura and I were volunteer coordinators and sticker passer outers. We spent the latter part of our day assisting a photographer who was using a ladder to get an areal picture of every piece of “chalk” work. We then helped with clean up. It’s safe to say that we were exhausted once we got home and even more exhausted now.

Friday, Laura and I both agreed that we needed a change in venue for our five mile run. Running our weekday runs in the neighborhood is simply convenient. It’s clearly mapped out and we are obviously familiar with the routes. However, it does get redundant and quite simply boring after running the same routes over and over. So a simple fix was to find a different path. We decided to head out to a section on River Road that runs along the Guadalupe River. My father-in-law has taken me on a bike ride that included this stretch and I thought it would be the perfect setting for Laura and me. We parked one car at a road side store at the end of our route and drove five miles up river to the start of our route. I didn't expect it to get dark so quickly but the moonlight gave us a perfect amount of lighting and the flies that flew in our mouths gave us the needed fuel...It got a little creepy, but it was the perfect change that we needed.

Today, Laura ran 14 straight miles during my 17 miler! She didn’t have any pain but didn’t want to push it too far. This being her first Sunday run since her injury, I was really impressed!!! Now running 18 miles next Sunday won’t be as overwhelming since she did 14 today. She is really happy about returning to our normal running schedule and I’m more thrilled to have my running buddy back! -A

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