Thursday, 10.09 – 8 miles: Cliff Bar

Nice run today. Laura did four mile after she got off work and finished without any pain! I’m really hopeful that she will make a full recovery. Laura’s goal for Sunday’s long run is to go 10 miles with no pain. This should determine if she is fully recovered.

My goal for Sunday and here on out, is concentrating on hydrating, fueling and carb loading. So far we’ve been pretty disciplined in this area except for incorporating protein during our long runs. This Sunday, I’m going to use Cliff Bar during the 17er. I’ve used CB in climbing, hiking and cycling and the taste isn’t bad. Plus, a friend suggested it. Luckily, Laura loves to cook and she has been cooking pasta and other carb enriched meals during the week. I’m lucky to have her to cook for us because otherwise, it would be mac and cheese or roman noodles. -A

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