Thursday, 11.06 - 5 Miles: Check List

We’ve got everything pretty much figured out. We’ve made some last minute adjustments as far as our GU and our Cliff Bars. Originally, we were going to carry them in my short’s pockets but after the 20 mile run, I realized the slapping on my thighs was too much. We tried safety pinning them on the outside of our shorts but still they flopped around. Then I read that safety pinning the GU packs to the outside of our waist band and then folding the packs over and into our shorts will eliminate the floppingness. If you place them right, there’s no raw rubbing. We tried this on our five mile run and it seemed to work great. A better test will be on Sunday’s eight mile run.

Anyways, here’s our long thought out check list of things that we must have on us during the marathon.
-A cheap throwaway long sleeve shirt for the first mile too keep us warm (will ditch them in trash can at one of the first water stations – expected temperature 52°/77°)
-Electrolyte pills in tinny Ziploc bag (goes in my small side pocket on shorts)
-One Cliff bar (fits in Laura’s back hip pocket on shorts)
-3 to 4 GU packs a piece (safety pin to waist band and folded in)
-Tinny digital camera (tied to shoe)
-One ChapStick (fits in headband of Laura’s hat)
-Laura’s Hat

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Vanessa Rogers said...

We volunteered at the Wine and food festival. we are sad we couldn't get the same shift as you guys but thanks for telling us about it! The marathon is coming up pretty close now! Whoot! your going to rock that rock 'n' roll marathon!