Tuesday, 11.04 – 3 miles: Election Night

As we enter our first full week of tapering down, Laura and I ran three miles in 23.15. A 7.7 mile is considered clutch for us! Not too bad for a couple doing their first 26.2. We were both impressed but not exactly concerned since we are not running this marathon for time. We have all along trained for this marathon to finish together and within the amount of time allotted (seven hours). We project we will finish in about 4:30 but secretively, we want to finish in sub 4 hours.

Obama is now the president-elect and has defeated McCain to become the 44th president. As I watch the cover of tonight’s election and reflect back on the debates, the speeches, the highs and the lows, I look over at my sleeping beauty and think how fortunate we all are to live in a in this great country. Truly, all things are possible and I am proud tonight to witness such an historic moment. God bless America.

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