Tuesday, 10.07 – 5 miles: La's back!!!

Yesterday was a great run! I ran mile one solo and the rest of the five miles with Laura!!! Her return was well anticipated and a pleasant relief that she completed with no severe pain. Her Achilles tendon wasn’t giving her a problem but she did feel some tightness in her left calf. We are going to monitor it over the next few runs and then make a judgment call. We feel that she will be able to determine how well she is once she runs 8 to 10 miles this week. If no sign of serve pain returns this week then she’ll be ready to return to the normal running schedule for week 10.

The good thing for Laura is that she is cardiovascularly prepared to run 26.2. However, it’s not quite clear if she is physically prepared. If the pain returns in these shorter runs, it will result to her wearing a boot for the next six weeks. If this is the case, Laura is prepared to hang up her running shoes for this race and prepare for the next. Hopefully, though, this won’t be the case and Laura and I will cross the finish line, holding hands!

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